Saturday, April 19, 2008

What turns on the light?

A girlfriend of mine was reading my website recently and she said I was giving Demi and GI Jane far too much credit for being the reason I drive myself so hard, and I really should dig a bit deeper into the story and give you all the real reason I have taken the path I have. Well the truth is, it was Demi and those abs that made me do it, but the reason is that I am "goal junkie". I love achieving stuff. The reason I got off my soft butt 10 years ago is that I was faced with the possibility that it was never going to get any better.

Having just left the corporate world, this leads me to ask a question. Why are there people that are very successful in their professions, yet are so unsuccessful in their wellness attempts? In fact so unsuccessful that they are killing themselves with disease and stress. Is it because it is not important to them? Maybe they really don't know what is in the food they eat, do they think they deserve these indulgences because the rest of their life is so hard? When did life become so hard that you intentionally give yourself diabetes and heart disease? What world are we living in?

If only they knew how sensational they would feel every moment of every day if they nurtured their bodies with great nutrition and respected the need for it to exercise and de stress. Their work productivity would increase, their home lives would be balanced. Why is such a simple philosophy so hard to follow?

Why can't people see what they are doing? What will turn the lights on for them?



Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that it will take a near miss or the death of a loved one to wake most people up to what they are doing to their bodies. It is awful that in this day and age where there is so much scientific proof that people continue to eat themselves to death.

Lisa said...

So sad.

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