Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who's that girl?
5 days our from State titles, and I am reflecting over the past 2 years. This pic was my very first lift in a powerlifting competition - 2 years ago this sat. There is 70kgs on the bar, I weighed in at 57.3kgs. Today I weigh 57.6kgs (ok, I have 4.5kgs more muscle), and I will squat 115kgs (approx) in training today. I had 9 out of 9 successful lifts in this comp and totalled 245kgs, and became addicted!
I am soooooooo nervous about Sat, but so pumped at the same time. My goal is to pick a good PB increase 15-20kgs, which will take me one step closer to my Elite qualification. I am doing my last squat and bench today. I still need to decide on the bench shirt I will wear, but once that is done all I need to do is rest .....and get more nervous.


Lyndsay said...

No need to be nervous - you'll blow that PB out of the water and you know it!

This is the best you have ever been going into this comp, right?

Go get it Wonder Woman!

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic. Goodness it's all getting so close, i'm sure you are nervous but in true wonder woman style i'm sure you will use it to your advantage. I can't wait to watch you compete this weeknd, there will be lots of photo's :)

Lisa said...

I am in great spirits, and I am going to have so much fun as well! This comp I can afford to take a few chances so I am really going to give the big weights a go!


Kristy said...

Thats an amazing photo Lisa and it is great to see where people come from :)

Good luck on Saturday

Antigone said...

WOW hun those are amazing weights, to think your lifting more then your own body weight that must take your breath away, your a tough cookie stay positive don't let those nerves get you!
Very excited for you :)

Lisa said...

Thanks all....

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