Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am changing my hormonal profile?

Charles Poliquin says that after 18 months of modulation with Biosignature you can have a completely different hormonal profile. I have been using Precision Nutrition for 9 months, and working with Krista and Boisig modulation for 4 months and have had some great changes to date. I have waited 2 weeks post-comp to write this, as I have had a training rest week, and a food flex week so I get a real view on how my body and hormones are responding. Normally after dropping weight for a comp, then resting and eating off plan I would see a 2-3kg weight increase in 2 week. The GREAT NEWS is that I am back to the weight I was 1 week pre comp!!!

In January I started at 16.5%bf and 61.9kgs, I am now 58kgs and about 12%bf (same lean muscle mass). I used to have PMS with headaches, fluid and breast tenderness (plus being cranky). I wouldn't even know it is due these days. My weight use to spike day to day for no apparent reason and this has disappeared too, and it is a relief to know that my body is happy and calm. I am eating more calories than ever before and don't need to worry about extra HIIT sessions to drop weight. People have commented on how great I look, how clear my eyes are, and I have heaps of energy.

I am 11 weeks pre comp (Nationals) and I am 1kg above weight. So this prep is all about getting stronger and leaner. In fact my program (both training and nutrition) is focused on building upper body size, and decreasing lower body fat. This next phase will see more hormonal change and we are targeting permanent change in the lower body. When Krista gets back to Australia in July I am going to blow her away when she sees me.

It has been 4 months of a combination of sugar detoxing, lean and green, organ detoxing, calorie cycling, carb and fat cycling and supplement rotation. I am sure the next 11 weeks will have their challenges too, but I am targeting to be able to live all year round at 9%bf - DO YOU THINK I CAN DO IT and still eat heaps and enjoy my life?


PS The picture above is Power Girl -that is Krista (and she seriously looks a lot like this, wonderwoman has some catch up to do)


Splice said...

Sounds incredible Lisa, but also seems like alot of hard work to get to where you are now, not that there's anything wrong with hard work :-)
I would love to talk to you about this, we should catch up.

The WNBF Gold Coast show is on Sunday 25th May, I uploaded the poster on my blog.

Talk soon,

Antigone said...

Hi Lisa,

This sounds fantastic, talk about motivating and inspiring :)


Lisa said...

Happy to talk Deb.



Lyndsay said...

You must be feeling on top of the world! And you know it's only getting better!

Haha, yes, Krista soooo looks like Power Girl!

Love your comp pics too!

Combat Girl said...


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I nspiring
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A mazing


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