Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving up a weight class.

As I will be lifting in the 60kg div at World Masters, the team has decided that there is no point dropping weight to lift at 56kgs for Nationals. My current goal is to be as strong as possible at 60kgs in Oct so all focus is on that goal. The decision has been made to go up a weight category, my body is genetically designed to be at maximum strength/weight ratio at 60kgs - so 60kg lifter I am. There is no going back now.

I walk into the gym everyday asking Rod if I put on size - and while I might only be small I am feeling bigger each session. My strength is increasing and I am still able to eat liberally to assist in gaining muscle as I am still under weight. This is very cool!

Now this decision does significantly decrease my chances of placing at Nationals this year - but it fast tacks my hypertrophy plan for next year. So in the long run I will be ahead. One step back to take 2 steps forward.



Jadey said...

Hi Lisa,

Can you email me so I can email you about breast implants australia.... just a few questions! I am a friend of Rae's and Lia's and everyone else's really, but just haven't blogged in a while...

Thanks Lisa,

Raechelle said...

Wow, sounds exciting and scary! Good luck with that!

Lisa said...

It is exciting!

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