Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 days to Nationals!
I am usually totally freakin out by this stage pre comp, but I am very relaxed right now. I weighed in at 59.9kgs this morning and I have been keeping my calories up and have dropped all training except my lifting sessions. I plan to weigh in around 59kgs so I will start taking sodium and other foods out of my diet that causes fluid retention from Saturday to drop a little weight, but in any case it is very relaxing being under weight already.
My bench has increased over my last comp PB and I do my last deadlift today. Last week I pulled 2.5kgs under my PB so this looks great as well for a comp PB increase. My squat strength has increased but I am having technique issues, so I have remained on 100kgs for 2 weeks to sort that out. Assuming it all looks good now I should be able to get a good last lift in on Saturday.
I think the other reason I am relaxed is that I am finally doing the work I have wanting to do for ages and Bodyworx is really firing. Being happy make a huge difference.


Anonymous said...

You are doing great Lisa.

can you send some happy vibes down here please!!!


Tanz said...

Your one hell of an amazing lady Lisa. Glad to hear all is going well. Looking forward to hearing results, bet you'll kick ARSE !!!

RaeC said...

WOOT!! Only 10 days to go... I am so excited for you!! xxx

Lisa said...

Thanks girls....only 3 more training sessions to go!

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