Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bare Essentials Quality resources for Women of Action - New Australian on-line magazine.

Go check out this new Australian resource, there is sensational magazine every month which I will be a regular contributor too (and I am on the cover this month).

Here is a word from Inga Yandell - Editor in Chief

Owner of Double Impact Fitness providing resources that empower people to live with passion and good health since 1998. The business supports various wildlife charities through events, workshops, coaching services and it’s magazine- Bare Essentials.

B.E. “women of Action” is a magazine that embodies the philosophy of the business and contains the simplest methods of challenging both mind and body to become strong inside and out.
Back to Nature this is one for the Ladies, a resource that centers on improving the self-image through appreciation for newly developed skills and abilities. B.E. is dedicated to effective exercise and education that supports independence and strength of character!

  • Contents Include
    outdoor solutions to fitness
    innovative equipment that is environmentally friendly
    research and nutrition advise on real food
    role-models that have substance and evoke new attitudes and action for self-confidence
    lifestyle choices that are sustainable and support the active woman


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa. That's a great article. :o) xxx

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