Friday, July 04, 2008

Rest and Recovery weekend

It is Sat morning and I am about to go and do a sauna protocol. It has been a week of heavy lifting in gear, intensity and volume. My joints are aching a little today and I am generally fatigued although I feel stress free. A 90 minute sauna session will be just what I need to relax and recover, then I think I will take myself off to see Sex and The City - finally.

3 weeks to Nationals and I am strong, fit and more relaxed than ever before a competition. This last cycle that Krista designed has been wicked and I am a total convert to the Poliquin training and nutritional methodologies. - lucky cause I have just paid a fortune to get myself certified this year.

Well - I need to rest for the next 2 days - getting HUGE and STRONG for Nationals, then more of the same for Worlds......

Be Strong



ss2306 said...

A little piece of heaven for someone well deserving! Enjoy Lisa.

Wish it was me sitting in there! Might have to add it to my "to do" list.

Luv Shelley

Lisa said...

Yes you must..20 mins hot/5 mins cold x 3 times

Nic said...

Hi Lisa,

I am hoping you can help me with some advice. Being new to Brisbane I need to find a good sports physio & a good remedial/sports massage therapist. Can you suggest anyone good? I live in Wilston just north of the city but will travel for someone good!


Lisa said...


I suggest Optima sports centre - there are 2 north of the city

Shar said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend Lisa! ENJOY.

Good luck in 3 weeks if I get caught up in all thats happening at the moment (I think I'm away on holiday in 3 weeks?)

Shar x

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