Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love staying in St Kilda....mainly because of the food! As I was waiting for my hotel room to be ready today I walked down to a local cafe and had a fantastic omlette for Meal 2. I am guessing ...2 eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and feta. Perfect Paleo - well the cheese was a stretch but I as I don't have much salt in my diet I like to add a bit on occasion, and it seemed like such a shame to ask them to "hold the feta".

I have a couple of clients to see then I am off to South Yarra - in search of more great food and catching up with friends. I feel like some seafood tonight, it is cold here so probably an oily fish to keep my metabolism firing. It is so easy to eat Paleo/PN/Lean and Green style when you travel....omlettes, seafood, salads, nuts & seeds as snacks. However I did have oats for breakfast today as it was the only thing on offer at my friends house and after a long and late (very delayed flight) last night, and being quite carb tolerant I do like to have oats at breakfast on occasion - individualisation PN style!

I have reports to finish and client to e-mail so I should get them done before my next client arrives.

Stay Strong!



Jadey said...

Oh Lisa, I am so jealous of you being in Melbourne! That's possibly my favourite city in Australia! I love the cafe's there, you are so right! It's beautiful there - enjoy your stay.

Got your Ultra Fit article too - NICE work!

Jadey x

Lisa said...

Jadey....I will have a coffee for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I got your email-thank you. I will have to get a few tips off you as my husband and I are going down to Melbourne soon as part of our celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary. It always helps to know where to go!! Hope you are having a great time,

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