Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yesterday I had an unexpected work out. After finishing lunch with my powerlifting buddy Pavel, he asked if I wanted to train. Now I am allowed an extra days rest this week, but I figured I was having fun in Melbourne, feeling relaxed and I always loved training with Pavel, so back to to gym we went to train with his new training partner.

Pavel has been in Melbourne for about 3 months now as we really miss his skill, enthusiasm and the fun he brings to hard sessions. He told me he had found a great new powerlifting training partner and was learning new exercises and was really pumped. 4 out of the 5 exercises we did were completely new to me, and very challenging to say the least. I thought lifting chains with my legs while lying across a fit ball for core stability was gruelling enough and then at the end the session the sled came out! So in the cold and rain of Melbourne I was dragging a sled across the car park of the gym. I was freezing, exhausted and loving every minute if it.



Magda said...

:-) You crack me up Lisa. But I'd expect nothing less from you Wonder Woman.



ss2306 said...

Sounds tough but I bet you felt awesome afterwards!

Anonymous said...

We've done sled sprints at work, they're a real killer! Glad you enjoyed your training session, sounds like fun Lisa. :o) xxx

Lisa said...

It was fun...and badly needed

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