Sunday, August 31, 2008

My back is sore

Somehow I have injured my back. I am really not sure of the moment that it happened, all I know is that a small niggle on Friday developed into a rather debilitating pain over the weekend.

I have just been to the physio and it looks like I will only be out of action for a few days - not that there is ever a good time for an injury, but at the end of the season a bit of extra rest is not going to harm me.

This did lead me to think about what I am doing at the moment, and how I am spending my time. What would happen if I couldn't lift? My trip to the States has about 3 other objectives other than competing and have those objectives over shadowed the original reason for me trip? After thinking about all that is happening right now I decided it was time to make list to be sure that I achieved what was important and not just end up half doing things. This list is just for the next 23 days

1. Focus and recovery and lift well at training.
2. Focus on weight and ensure a stress free weigh -in.
3. Complete Study for PICP and Biosignature courses
4. Leave time for rest.
5. Complete new website and business activities around the launch.

These are my top 5 (obviously family is always No.1 and assumed), so I need to ask myself how are my daily tasks contributing to my top 5.


LizN said...

Yes, I know where you're coming from. I even bought a new gym bag for myself more scrummaging!

Splice said...

Your back looks great Lisa, you can see the thickness in it :-)
I hope it gets better very soon.

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