Friday, August 29, 2008

A day on the couch and some extra fats.

It has been a pretty intense training week, plus all the other things that happen in life and I am feeling very stiff, sore and hungry today. It is a total rest day and after watching my daughter row at the Head of the River, I positioned myself on the couch and have been eating a wonderful selection of higher fat foods to assist my recovery. Other than increasing my fish oils - great for inflammation, I have had 100gms mixed raw nut, egss, beef mince and lots of vegetables, vital greens and glutamine.

I should drop into the sauna, but I don't think my legs would carry me up and down the stairs right now. I am afraid that after sets of deadlifts at 100kgs, shrugs of 110kgs, 10 sets of lights squats a a few other assistance exercises yesterday that tomorrow is likely to see me with additional muscle soreness tomorrow.

Time to log off and watch another movie..and maybe 20gms of dark chocolate.



ss2306 said...

100 grams of nuts? Heaven!!

Take it easy Lisa. Hope you enjoyed your movie and choc.

Raechelle said...

Too bad about the injury-hope it heals soon!
Hope you enjoyed that choc too-I'm 25 days away from some myself!

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