Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deadlift training done!!!!!!!!!
I am officially in taper - yeah! I finished my deadlift training yesterday and only have 3 more session to go before I lift. I am happy with my last lifts, I feel fresh and like there is plenty more in the tank.
I have had a weight spike of 800gms over the past few days - causing me some grief. I guess I must be thinking about what I don't want to happen, and it is happening. It is obviously a fluid issue - bad cankles, I have 9 days to go and worst case I could sauna off from where I am now, but it goes to show that something unexpected will always come up and how you deal with it is what matters. I am the strongest I have ever been, injury free, I am peaking at the right time an all lifts, and it would have been way too perfect to glide in at weight easily. All my thoughts now are to drop this fluid, stay well rested, travel with ease, relax and lift well.
I need to go and do some cardio and then finish packing.

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