Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am now at the business end of my prep. Today is my 3rd last bench session and 2nd last in Australia. I will bench next Monday before I leave and then 5 days pre comp. I have found a powerlifting gym close to where we are staying in Arizona so I will do my last bench and squat sessions there before we head off the Palm Springs. My bench has been strong on these past few weeks and my board work has been getting great results for me. I haven't failed on any lifts and I feel like I am peaking nicely. I am heavier than I have ever been pre comp (and maybe the heaviest in many year), so this always relates to increased bench strength. I only need to loose 1kg, then I will cut my water back for the remaining 800gms that needs to come off, so my hope is that I will retain all my upper body strength and set a great PR in 2 weeks time.

The bench above was a new PR of 75kgs that I set at Nationals (previous was 70kgs), and I am expecting that this will be my opener.

Bench is my favourite lift and I not only do I enjoy lifting, I enjoy doing the assistance work as well. While I have said I am taking until next July off competing, there are a couple of bench press only comps early next year that I would love to represent Australia in. So my goal for Palm Springs is an 80kg+ bench which should place me well in the rankings to be selected as a 60kg lifter for these comps.......however today I need to bring it!


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