Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have just had 2 days off, and it was great. I went to a wedding at Noosa and managed some time in the pool and lying in the sun - very welcomed. I had a great night at the wedding, had a few drinks and danced away the evening. It was a great break, but I am back in town now and time to sort out the next 16 days before leave for the US.

This afternoon is my 3rd last deadlift session and it will interesting to see how all the technique work I have been doing holds up under heavier load. My back is about 80% recovered now and really only stiff after sleeping through the night. I feel relaxed and calm (most of the time) about the comp, and all I need to focus on now is lifting as I have been for the past month and dropping 1.5kgs.


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