Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It is 3 weeks today and I will be on that platform lifting - not in my high heels though. I was in the garage looking for my shin guards, as I have some pretty nasty bruising on my shins from deadlifting, and I came across a box from my figure days. In it was tiny little sparkly bikinis and the infamous "hooker heels".
While I am far removed from that world now, I do have a similar feeling of mental fatigue of being "over competing" right now. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my lifting and am the strongest I have ever been, however I am looking forward to a break. When I return home from the US it will be just in time for Melbourne Cup, and Xmas parties. This year I am planning on going to everything I am invited to and really enjoying a hard earned break.
In this picture I was about 50kgs and maybe 7-8% bf, which is a far cry form the 62kgs( probably 13% bf )I weighed in today. My lean mass in those days would have been 47kg, today it is about 56kgs. Three years of powerlifting has really changed my physique and added an incredible amount of lean mass. I do wonder what I would look like these days if I dropped that extra 6% bf. It would be great to have comparison pics, however after a long year of lifting (actually 3 years of heavy competing), those muscles will definitely stay hidden at least until after Xmas. Maybe that can be my New Years Resolution - get sub 7% and see what is there???? Yes, well after Xmas and New Years' parties....oh and I am going to enjoy Easter next year too.....maybe.....
This week I have squatted, deadifted and benched well. I am sore, tired, bruised and sitting on the couch convincing myself I don't need to go and do a recovery walk. I guess I could just take the long way to the coffee shop to buy my long black? I am having my weekly remedial massage this morning and then I plan to sauna - so maybe I could skip that walk and just buy my coffee?
In 2 weeks today Rod and I will be in Arizona for the first day of our Poliquin Biosignature certifications. I am really looking forward to completing this as all the study and pre reading has been amazing. Krista has been a sensational mentor and no doubt will continue to be, but I can't wait to know more and and help Bodyworx clients achieve their body composition and weight loss goals sooner.
It is almost 7am and I have been up for one hour, so I need to eat. I will do my recovery walk later, as right now I will get a coffee, eat some savoury mince for breakfast and watch Sunrise!


Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, where I am now, physically, is where you were three years ago. Hmm, 9kg of lean mass in three years. Now there's a challenge for me :-)

Lisa said...

All I can say is lift big, and eat like a man!

Raechelle said...

Good luck in the states!
I love Arizona-lived there for 8 years-great place!

Funny how life moves us in so many interestiing directions!
Thanks for sharing.

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