Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The IPF Maters World Powerlifting titles start today and are being held at the Palm Springs Convention Centre. We arrived in Palm Springs about 6pm last night after a long, yet relatively easy trip across Arizona and east California. The rest of the Aust team where here when we arrived and they all look relaxed and ready (well maybe everyone except for those that lift today).
We met up with Krista last night and she looks amazing, and it is even more impressive when you realise that she is competing in a body building show this Saturday. She has an athlete on the Canadian team, and will leave early Thursday morning to go back to Canada. In true Krista style she is managing to train 2-3 times each day here, and has brought most of her own food with her. She currently is about 6% bf - and looks relaxed and happy.
I have seen the final list of competitors in my category now and there are 8 women and some very impressive lifters. I will have the opportunity to learn so much lifting against such high calibre athletes, and I while I am going to be seriously outclassed my objective is to focus on my technique and improve my total. I feel quite relaxed knowing that I am not competing for a medal.......next year it will be different though!
I weighed in at 61.1kgs this morning (very impressive on day 2 of my menstrual cycle), so I have lost 1.5 kgs this past week implementing some new Biosignature style protocols. Potentially this is more if I took the fluid into account. I am really pleased as I had plateaued at home with the protocols I was using. So this, combined with some different training methods when I get home will have me "bikini ready" by late Nov I think.
Today I will relax, have a swim then go watch some of the lifting. I need to drop 1.2kgs - which will be reduced water intake and sweat - easy here in the desert. No sauna for me - yeah! I will also eat food that is light in weight and moves through the GI tract quickly; nut butter over nuts, eggs, yoghurt, honey, dates etc. As I won't be taking in much water I can consume more carbs as they won't have any water to uptake to make me heavier.
Let me leave you with a tip. If you hold fat on your butt, you should eat organic butter on your vegetables as butter contains glucuronic acid that will bind to detoxified oestrogen's and expel them. Make sure you have no sugar in the same meal - as you will add fat.
Have a great day!


LizN said...

Best for today Lisa, go show the world how it is done, Aussie style!

Liz N

Lisa said...

thanks liz

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