Monday, September 29, 2008

Next Stop Palm Springs to compete!
Today I woke with butterflies in my stomach, realising that I am now 2 days away from competing. I am feeling relaxed although a little distant from Powerlifting right now, however I am sure once we arrive at the hotel (above), and we meet up with the rest of the team and see all the other athletes that I will switch into lifting mode pretty quickly.
As the Biosignature course ran until 6pm each night we have been here we haven't really had a chance to see much of Phoenix, which is a shame as it is a great city and the people have been amazingly friendly and engaging.
It is about a 5 hour drive from Phoenix to Palm springs, and according to Google maps it is a very flat drive pretty much due west. We will have time to get to the gym to do a light technique session, have a swim, do some washing, have lunch and the drive off.
We experimented with a technique that we learnt here at the Biosignature to bring my weight down by for the comp. I won't know if it has worked for another 12-24 hours and although it was a bit of a gamble I am told that fortune favours the brave - so fingers crossed for me. My menstrual cycle is at day 1 today as well (happy birthday), so I need to disregard the fluid increase from that which will clear off in 48 hours. I am feeling confident, and all will be revealed in my next post in 24 hours time when I wake up in Palm Springs. Worst case I will need to sauna off maybe 1kg -500gms - so less than I have done before. Since the Commonwealth Titles in NZ last year, I have had a "no sauna" policy and I am planning to keep a clean slate this year.
After I compete we are off to Fullerton in California to do the Poliquin Strength and Conditioning Level 1 course (PICP), which will compliment my Biosignature studies. I already have some new protocols I have designed for myself on the Biosig side ready to roll when I am back home and need to design a few training courses around it. I am really looking forward moving both my lifting and my physique to the next level with my new knowledge. I am also pumped about helping my clients get healthier and stronger faster.
Bodyworx has a new concept of Strongman Training, and in Oct/Nov we will be starting group training sessions in the park (like bootcamp), but with strongman techniques. Who better to give you a challenging, fat burning, muscle building, strongman workout than 2 Nationally ranked Powerlifters - so all you Brisbane based ladies and men stay tuned for that!
I think it is time to get into the day....I am feeling strong!

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