Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can we really have it all?

It is a beautiful cool summer morning in Brisbane, and after a 20 min interval training session at the gym, I walked down to my favourite local cafe for an omelet and black coffee.

My step father sent me the latest Candace Bushnell book, One Fifth Avenue, for my birthday so it went with me and I spent a very relaxing hour eating and reading. It was quite interesting that one of the characters was blogging and wrote an article titled "The joys of not having it all", and this made me think.....can we really have it all?

I spend 18 hours per week working in a corporate job, and I am surrounded by people in the pursuit of financial and professional success. I spend the rest of my time in the fitness and health arena surrounded by people in pursuit of the physical and aesthetic success. By each other's measure they have achieved their goals, however rather than being able to objectively see this they seem to be chasing what the other has; the corporate high flyer wants to loose some fat of her butt, and the PT wants to put her butt in a BMW.

One of the great things about having turned 40 is that you get to rack up a bit of experience, and if you are fortunate enough to have experience in an area that the market is willing to pay for you are then provided with choices and ultimately freedom (some people don't work this out, and continue to be slaves to the system- but that is another blog for another time for sure).

The other great thing about being over 40 is that you realise that perfection is boring and imperfection inspires us to be creative.

Can we have it all? I don't know.......but if having it all means living a life of a boring slave I will take my imperfect freedom any day!



Magda said...

Great post Lisa. Makes you stop and think doesnt it!!??


Lisa said...

That it does Magda

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