Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Current Supplement Protocol

I have designed a supplement protocol based on my current Biosignature profile to compliment my training program in addressing my hormonal imbalances.

The first change I made, although it has nothing to do with my profile was to swap my Fish Oil for GLA (borage oil). The reason for this is that I have been taking fish oil for many years, and with all foods and nutrients the body develops sensitivities and immunities to the effect of the nutrients. After 30 days I will bring the Fish Oil back in to my plan.

In line with keeping supplements working in the body I have changed my Multi to the Poliquin Multi Intense, and I will rotate to a different Multi when this bottle is finished.

Another "core supplement" is the Metallic Detox, designed to rid my body of environmental nasties making me less toxic. I also have my children on this product.

Now, down to the specific supplements I am taking to assist me in creating more growth hormone. Growth hormone is made at night so the first areas to address is sleep. I am taking Melatonin before bed, and a product called Alpha GPC to assist me to create more growth hormone while I am sleeping.

Biosignature requires a liver detox for growth hormone protocols, and while I am not a drinker nor do I have toxic liver my body does not detoxify as well as it could - which has been shown by my Gene Elite DNA report. Interestingly in the past the times when I have dropped larger amounts of body fat has been 2 weeks after I have completed a liver detox. I have chosen a product called Kudzu to give my liver some assistance in ridding my body of toxins. Kudzu is marketed as an anti-alcohol product, and I didn't think too much of this aspect as I was not taking it for that reason, however I went to lunch the second day I was taking the herb and had one glass of wine; it felt like 3 - makes you feel like you have had more to drink and a bit off colour. It certainly has stopped me wanting even the occasional red wine while I am on it.

Time to go and do a HIIT session.

If you are interested in any of these products, drop me an email as I am able to provide them to you here in Australia.


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