Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My new training protocol.
Now that I am back home and armed with my Biosignature and Poliquin Strength & Conditioning knowledge I have designed a training program specifically for my "hormonal issues". My current Biosignature profile has Growth Hormone as the no.1 issue that needs to be addressed, and this is seen by the fat that I carry around my calves and knees. I have been training for powerlifting for the last 3 years and have been doing 4 lifting sessions per week, med to low rep ranges, full rest between sets and HIIT 2 - 3 times per week (sometimes). While this is great for hypertrophy, strength and keeps my weight stable, it is not a suitable training system for me to effect body composition changes. I go back to training for next years competition in January, so I now have 11 weeks to strip some body fat, balance out some structural balance issues, and just have some fun with my training.
So what am I doing in the gym?....high lactate (creating lots of lactic acid), high reps, minimum rest training. There is a lot of super sets, doubles training and the killer 6-12-25 routine. My week has looked something like this;
Tues - German Body Composition (GBC) - full body
Wed - am GCB, pm 6-12-25 legs
Thur - rest
Fri - am HIIT, pm 6-12-25 arms
Sat - am GBC, pm 6-12-25 legs
Sun - am HIIT
Mon - am GBC, pm doubles (shoulders, quads)
I am carry an elbow injury so I have been limited with my arms training so my legs have been getting extra attention.
So my goal is to get my weight back to 60kgs, and body fat about 10% by the time I go back to hypertrophy training for next years competitions.
Tomorrow I will talk about the specific supplements I am taking to support my training efforts.
Have great day!

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