Sunday, October 05, 2008

Next Stop LA.....
Biosignature completed, World Masters completed, PICP completed........woo hoo! It has been a very fast moving 2 weeks and more successful than I had expected. We finished up our strength course today with a gruelling 6-12-25 work out of chest and back, and I then slept for 2 hours after I got back to the hotel. I am feeling tired, and a little stressed and and very excited about all the things I have learnt, however I am not sure were to start when I get back home. I will worry about that later as right now I need some down time.
Now it is time for a little fun. Tomorrow we stay with a close friend of mine in a beautiful beach town called Laguna Beach, and we are going to go up to LA and do the sights. I will have my camera fully charged and wallet open for clothes and gifts to take home.
Yes, tired now I need more sleep.

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