Friday, October 24, 2008

Not all Cheat Meals are made equal!

So the pic of Melbourne has nothing to do with cheat meals, however I have decided to be spontaneous and go to Melbourne for the weekend. I know I will be there in 2 weeks as well, but as my former home town and with the muggy heat of the Brisbane summer starting to settle in it seemed like a great idea. Besides, I am planning on being in Melbourne at least once a month from now and am looking to find a facility and build up a clientele there.

Back to the topic - I have re-introduced the weekly "cheat meal/free meal" process into my current lifestyle plan. Last week it was "healthy" hamburgers, chips and ice cream with my daughter, and within 2 days the process had delivered a 500gms weight drop for the week. This week I had a glass of wine and Indian food and today I feel like I have a hang over, thirsty and all together pretty crappy. I will need to see what difference it has had on body composition later in the week, but I am thinking that I need to be more selective with this meal. I am really keen to persist with the method as it makes life much more live able and social going to a restaurant, eating a meal and dessert once a week, however I do want to feel energised and well rested the next morning.

You know what .....this suddenly has a feeling a deja I am relearning lessons from the past ...........again.

Cheat meals should still be reasonably clean and healthful as well as fun!

Off to Melbourne.


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