Saturday, October 25, 2008

What does success look like?

I am in Fitzroy and the picture above is some of the amazing street art found in the surrounding streets. I have been here since last night and have had 2 wonderful meals; you can always rely on Melbourne to provide great quality food anytime. I am still feeling a little dehydrated from my cheat meal and have a sneaking suspicion that it may well be due to high levels of salt. I have always "blown up" after eating anything with a reasonable amount of salt it in - oh well it could be worse.

Being back in Melbourne really takes me back to the beginning....the beginning of what you ask? The beginning of the journey of discovery. I have blogged about my story, and how at the age of 32 I woke one day to find that living the stressful corporate & party life wasn't going to give me Demi Moore's abs from "GI Jane" (the full story is on my website). l I was living in Melbourne at the time, and here I am am 10 years later feeling like I have achieved the balance I so desperately sought back then.

It has been an amazing 10 years, I achieved the professional success and respect I sought with such vigour, and I did get GI Jane's abs. However these 2 things seem so insignificant and frankly not that important when I consider them with all the other wonderful experiences I have collected in this time, and it just shows that it is often more about the journey than the destination.
As I walk down the streets of Fitzroy holding my husband's hand, I feel like a youthful and energetic person about to begin a great adventure; not someone who has battled hard for 10 years. I know I can use the things I learnt in those years to move forward, rather than feel exhausted from the journey. However when I look around I see other people in their 40's and I do see that look of fatigue - or should I say stress?
Maybe that is the what success looks like; the absence of stress.

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Friday said...

Welcome to melbourne.. Have a great stay.

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