Thursday, October 02, 2008

Team Australia
The Australian Team is having a great competition with all lifters achieving at least an individual medal to date. We have had 2 overall gold medalists and a few overall bronze medalists. This picture is taken in the warm up area before my session, and while you can only see about 5 of the team here, there was about 10 of the team to assist Robyn (fellow 60kg lifter) and I compete. I had 2 coaches (Rod and Andrew) in the right fore ground, and every lift there were at least another 3-4 on the side of the platform for support. With each lift as I came off the stage I was met with smiles, back slaps and congratulations. I can't explain the difference it made to be so well supported. Each time I went out to lift there was huge support in the audience from the rest of the team and their friends and family. I have enjoyed this competition so much that I am now thinking about next year's World's in Bulgaria .
I have to make special mention to Rod and Andrew who really pulled me through yesterday (and the past 3 months). I had a very bad squat warm up and although they didn't show it, I could tell they were very worried about what was going to happen. I was nervous and totally out of my groove, however before the first lift Andrew did a pretty good job of getting in my face to get the adrenalin flowing. I squatted 110kgs well, then they gace me 112.5kgs to further settle in and it was a great lift. They decided I should then attempt a 122.5kg PB, which I felt I could do and it was a good solid lift. It is exciting because there is still more in the tank for the next comp. My strength is good, and I need to focus on my techniques.
After the squat my nerves settled and I went into the bench with a solid 72.5kg opener. The only mistake I made in the day was the set up of my second attempt at 75kgs, when I didn't have my but on the bench properly so I was held int he start position for much longer than usual which drained my strength and I failed this attempt. I got really pissed at myself and came back with the most powerful 75kg bench I have ever done.
I was told at the end of the bench that I was in 3rd place which really shocked me, and I knew that I would have to deadlift extremely well to hold position. A lot of lifters have one lift that is much stronger than the others, however all my lifts are strong, but I am not crazy strong in one and weak in another. I knew that someone would likely have a deadlift that is 10-15 kgs better than mine and could close the gap quickly. My deadlift warm up felt heavy, but I decided that no one was going to take my medal from me. My 130kg opener was easy. Andrew and Rod then decided I should go to my PB of 137.5kgs which would pretty much confirm my 3rd placing. I was so reved up by the time I it the platform for my 3rd lift that I didn't know what I was attempting, I just focused in pulling and did a new PB of 140kgs, and was so excited I almost long jumped off the stage (pretty funny in my deadliftng gear).
Rod and I had Mexican for dinner to celebrate and I then slept like a baby!

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