Friday, October 03, 2008

Today is the first day of my Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP) - strength coaching course. It is being held in Fullerton California at Koloseum Gymnasium. For all of you body building fans out there, Koloseum Gym is owned by IFBB champion Milos Sarcev. I am expecting to see quite a few very large IFBB guys and fitness girls over the next few days as I believe it is mid competition season.
We travelled from Palm Springs to Fullerton yesterday and encountered the freeways of California for the first time this trip. It was pretty uneventful and I had a low energy day coming down from the adrenalin rush and happiness from the day before. I had to check my bag when I woke up to make sure that I really did have a bronze medal in it........and I do!!!
Today we are off to a training session before class and I can do whatever I want - I am so excited! According to my Biosignature profile my top hormonal issue is my human growth hormone, so I will be implementing protocols to address this. This is shown by higher body fat on my calves and knees - which I have always had and this year since working with Krista have been aware of how to address it. Unfortunately as a Powerlifter my training has not been suitable to lean down this area - but now I am free to go ahead. So from today for a month at least it will be high reps (anything over 6 is high for me), and minimal rest with some tortuous 6-12-25 combinations.
I have also implemented other Biosignature recommendations like organic butter on my veges and red wine. Loved my dinner of salmon, green veges, butter and red wine last night - slept like a baby. This is a good thing as lack of sleep will directly effect calf fat.
So off the the gym, then breakfast and a day of learning ahead.

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