Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tim Horton' the Canadian Starbucks. Rod and I discovered it today in Krista's village just in time for Rod's cheat meal...and me being off season I am having lots of cheat meals. So we decided it would only be fair to try as many cookies and treats as possible. Now at the time 2 coffees, 3 cookies and 1 apple twist seemed like a lot of sugar however in hindsight it was a pretty pathetic effort. I was stuffed by the end, and my stomach reminded my of my sugar intolerance, but I was very satiated and I enjoyed every mouthful. Tonight we are going to Krista's parents for dinner and I am really hoping that they cook some famous Canadian meal with a yummy desert.
Rod and Krista are training now.....Krista will be canning him ( just hope his donuts don't come back up). I have an elbow injury so after training up until 2 days ago I realise that I need to rest to recover......hmmm....maybe some chocolate will help????


Tara said...

Hiya Lisa, congrats on your medal!! Your trip sounds fantastic. I would love to go to all the places you are describing. Maybe one day when my kids are older hey!! ;o) enjoy thanks giving with Krista's family, am sure you will be stuffed just like the turkey afterwards haha

Have a safe trip home.

Tara xx

ss2306 said...

Livin' the life aren't you!

Good for you. Enjoy your last few days.

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