Thursday, October 09, 2008

We finally made it to Haldimand county, Ontario Canada, Krista and Pete's place. We arrived 6 hours later than expected into Toronto via Chicago and decided that rather than drive 2 hours in the rain and dark we would overnight in Toronto and get an early start today. Turns out this was a great idea as the country side on our drive was amazing! It is getting cool here and the trees are all turning as Autumn approaches, and it calm, peaceful and the air is clean. It is a stark contrast to the heat of Arizona and Palm Springs and the fast pace of LA. This looks like a great place to spend the last few days and relax a little before we head home.

Krista has clients all day so we are just chilling and catching up on e-mail and other stuff. Tomorrow we are off to see some colleagues of Krista to chat and learn in some areas of interest; ART for Rod and female hormonal issues for me.

I am planning on having pancakes and maple syrup at some point in the next few days, and Sunday is Thanksgiving so I imagine that there will be more fabulous food on the menu as we celebrate the holiday with Krista's family.

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Charlotte Orr said...

Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving meal!

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