Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm not kidding. But I hate to tell her she's always right too - because even though I hate taking them, they work awesomely, so I'll just keep on complaining...

By the way, if you weren't aware, its Charlotte, Lisa's pretty awesome teenage daughter. I'm 16 (as you might know), in grade 11, and am pretty sure my Mum is crazy. But I deal with it.
So when Mum asked me to write something for her blog on being healthy and active, I was more interested in 'Style by Jury' on TV than fitness and health, haha. But seeing as it's such a big part of my life, it's not the hardest thing to write about (and I still get time to watch Style by Jury!!!).

I row (in a boat, just to clarify)... which is almost as crazy as powerlifting, haha. I train 7 times a week, twice a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and for a double session on Saturday mornings. Getting up at 4:30am can be tedious sometimes, especially with school and stuff - but after training, albeit being tired, you always feel awesome, yeah? With Mum around we eat healthy heaps, and when I don't, it kind of shows - I don't look or feel as good as I usually do (and I ALWAYS look good ;D). Mum's daughter.

I'm currently training for the Australian National Rowing Championships in March next year (still a maybe, haha), in the U19 div, and am training my butt off, and when it gets a bit closer to comp time, will step up my training and lean down a bit - but for now, training's for fun, general fitness, and to get faster and stronger!!! Wooooohooooo.

...and I suppose it's good to have a Mum who's already awake at 4:30 who's willing to drop me there too...

Peace & Love,
Charlotte :)


Magda said...

Hi Charlotte,

great post!! Its nice to read that you've inherited your Mum's passion for health, fitness and loving life.

I hope we hear from you again.



Claudine said...

Thank you for taking the time to write! ahaha

It's fantastic that you and your mom have the same passion at that very young age.

Good luck for the championship and I hope to read you again soon!

Have a great week-end :)

LizN said...

Loving your pic Charlotte, you're a hottie, just like your mother!

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