Friday, November 14, 2008

What was on the menu yesterday?
Breakfast: oats, pea protein powder, blueberries, honey & long black

Snack: 30gm mixed raw nuts

Lunch; 3 scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach

Snack; 50 gms nuts, WPC shake

Dinner; grilled chicken w 3 beef rice paper rolls


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Me again :) Where do we get pea protein powder from and what are the benefits over using normal protein powder?


Lisa said...

Vital Greens make a great pea protein. You can get it on-line and in most supp/health stores.

It doesn't necessarily have benefits over whey based protein, other than it is non dairy,and non flavoured. A lot of people are sensitive to dairy...

As it is a plant based protein it thickens when used, so it is great in oats, pancakes and soups.


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