Sunday, November 09, 2008

I was at a beautiful wedding yesterday of a couple that have been together for 6 years. While the ceremony was very modern it was clear that not only the bride and groom, but both families, were very committed to the relationship and making it work.

We live in such a disposable, instant gratification world where it is so easy to change jobs, change houses, change partners, change cars, change phones that I wonder if we have lost the ability to pursue our commitments?

This is obvious when we look at the massive weight loss market. Every gym chain has their 12 week challenges, every supplement company their 7 day detox plan, every weight loss company their "8kgs in 8 weeks" program. What sort of commitment is 8-12 weeks? What long term lifestyle change can possibly be effected in 12 weeks? How is it that the general public believes that the past years of over indulgence can be reversed in 12 weeks? Are we really that gullible about getting healthy? When did we get to the point when we gave up control over the quality of our lives and our appearance?

When are we going to understand that getting fit, healthy and lean is a lifestyle choice that takes commitment every day for the rest of our lives?"

It is such a shame when I see people in tears about the effects of yo-yo dieting and their perceived lack of control over their body. The magic answer they seek is personal responsibility and commitment. There is no lack of education and research on what is good for us, yet we abdicate personal responsibility at morning tea or lunch everyday when we choose the bad options.

Success in gaining a better body is the same as a successful marriage; it takes time, persistence, and commitment.



Charlotte Orr said...

Another great post, thanks Lisa

Lisa said...

Thanks Charlotte.

Wendy said...

am so loving your blog at the moment!!! You have such a talent at writing wonderful pieces which hit home to me each time i read them!!

Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

this post (as you may know) also hit home for me. Many bad choices over the last year have put me where I am nnow (fat) but I'm taking steps in the right direction by working with Liz again. Bring on those positive changes!!

:-) Magda

Anonymous said...

Great post, just what I needed today. Thanks Lisa. Erika

Lisa said...

Hi Wendy,

Pleased you are enjoying my posts. You are a great example of fabuous girl who is embracing balance.

Lisa said...

Hi Magda,

Good luck with your journey, you are in good hands with Liz.

Lisa said...

Hi Erika,

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I am pleased you were able to take something from this post.

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