Saturday, November 08, 2008

I don't normally post twice in a day, however the events of yesterday have really inspired me to sit at the laptop again this morning.

As mentioned I am in Melbourne, and I caught up with 2 distance clients that I very rarely see face to face. When I opened the door to see them I had the same immediate response each time. "Wow you look fabulous".

I have all my clients go on the basic supplement protocols that include fish oil, multi's, magnesium, and food plans with water, protein and vegetable goals that I have blogged about recently. I often get phone calls and e-mails telling me how great people feel after just doing the basics for a while and I guess I am at the point where I actually expect that response. I had a chat recently to a male client who had a goal of being able to go back to playing competitive soccer next year and he called me to say he had just signed up for next years season and put it down to the improvement in his joints since taking fish oil.

The basics are so simple, they don't cost a bomb, everyone can do it and they effect your quality of life profoundly. There is no secret ingredient, no special concoctions or magic pills, it is simply making a choice to nurture your body with healthful food.

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