Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love this name and I guess it is very emotive, however this is how I felt this morning and quite a few other morning lately when I have woken. When I opened my eyes after 8 hours (give or take) of uninterrupted sleep, I had a feeling of expectation and energy. I was rejuvenated and eager to get into the day.

You all know I am always on about sleep, and it has been my experience that every person that I speak to hasn't had good quality sleep on a regular basis for years. While you may think you do, waking 2 times a night to pee is not normal, waking up feeling tired for the first hour is not normal. Your body needs sleep to rejuvenate, loose weight, build muscle, de stress and a bunch of other things.

It has also been my experience, in most cases, that the issue isn't getting to sleep. Most of my clients fall asleep pretty quickly when they hit the pillow, therefore traditional sleep solutions designed to make you sleepy and relaxed don't necessarily improve the quality of sleep long term. Most people in this modern world fall into "stressed and wired", or "stressed and tired". In the past I have been both of these and had patchy sleep and rarely slept through the night.

After frustration with no long term success after the use of teas, Valerian, baths, night time relaxation protocols and even pharmaceutical sleeping pills, I decided to take a different approach. So over the past 9 months I have experimented with many herbal and natural products, and methods that address the underlying stresses, rather than addressing insomnia.

This approach takes time and it certainly won't result in a good nights sleep the first night, however over a relatively short period some really good results can occur. One of the best products I have found that works for me is Serenity which is a blend of Chinese herbs designed to promote a sense of inner calm.
I am about to launch my "Sleep Solution", which will include key supplements, relaxation methods and advice on how to sleep like a teenager again! So stay tuned.
Well, I am off to jump into the day!

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