Thursday, November 27, 2008


The house has been without the huge TV(51") for 1 day. There is a big space in my lounge room, and tomorrow I will rearrange the furniture and buy a small fish tank!

So how has it been? 24 hours is no real time to judge, and I have caught myself thinking "I will just watch some TV", but I haven't missed it and my home is very quiet. I am guessing that I will be more productive, as I won't have the distraction anymore. I also worked out that without a TV, I also want need to pay for foxtel, monthly DVD rentals, and the electricity to run it all. This could turn out to be better than I thought.



witchazel said...

I really envy you!! I hate TV but hubby is a total addict and falls asleep in front of it EVERY night, and as soon as he does I goto bed and read.

We had a break a few years back and I never turned Tv on it was fabulous, just when I was going to sell it we got back together - damn... LOL

Lisa said...

My hubby is all for getting rid of it, so we will see how we all go. I may get a small one in the future, but i like to idea of making life a little more simple.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you're going through a huge transformation and for the better Lisa. :o) xxx

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