Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I finished at the hairdresser at 10am yesterday morning before the cup lunch and the salon recommended a store I should visit on the way home to just in case they may have a dress that would be suitable for lunch. Well they hit the jack pot and within 20 minutes I walked out of the store with a great new black dress and a pair of 10m heels.
Now when I was trying all of this on I didn't really take notice of the 10cm heel, other than thinking that there were 'a little high'. Well, there were high and luckily I was seated for most of the day, however the 6 block walk from the lunch to the car park was total torture, and by the time I reached my car my legs where shaking like I had done 10 sets of jump squats. On the bright side they looked fabulous and I was a finalist in The Best Shoes competition. Naturally I felt justified in not going to the gym yesterday afternoon. Who was it that said beauty is pain?
Lunch was great and the food was just as I had predicted; a seafood entree followed by chicken and broccoli and a salsa sauce. Perfect! Dessert was panacotta with a small amount of fruit and I decided that would be my afternoon tea snack as it is not only my favourite dessert, but a pretty figure friendly one at that. Lunch was at the Stamford Plaza and I had a group of wonderful business associates and friends there and really loved the whole day.
This morning I am off the the gym to do a quick work out. Probably 2 lower body/upper body super sets, followed by 8 30 second intervals on the rower. Just enough to get my metabolism firing for the day and my muscles in some form of condition.

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ss2306 said...

I love wearing heels too but unlike you I don't do long distance walking in them, I take them off and go barefeet although usually this is early hours of the morning and by then everyone else is too drunk to even notice.

I luuurrrve the Stamford Plaza - especially breakfast - the day after comp!

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