Saturday, November 08, 2008

Typical day's food

Yesterday I was asked what I eat in a typical day, and while there really are no typical days right now as I am just living a healthy life, this is what I ate yesterday. I didn't train yesterday so there is no work out nutrition, however I did have about 5 cups of green tea as well as the usual 3 litres or so of water. I am in Mebourne this weekend, so I am eating out more than usual

Breakfast; oats, protein powder, soy milk.

Brunch; herb and goats cheese omlete, 2 x long blacks

Lunch; chicken, avocado salad (there were lots of other veges in it too), latte.

Snack; Protein shake (WPC) and handful pecans

Dinner: antipasto & sourdough, chicken and tomato salad, dark chocolate & strawberry pizza, hot chocolate.

Dinner was my free meal for the week, however if it wasn't I would have had just the chicken salad and some antipasto.

When I am at home I love to have mince at breakfast, and omletes at dinner but I do mix it up so I don't get bored.

I always carry a small container of nuts with me, so if I am on the run I can drop into a coffee shop grab a latte and have some nuts with it as a snack. I wouldn't do this if I was in heavy training but for now it is a an easy and quick snack.

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