Friday, December 19, 2008

A few tips for Xmas from Joseph Coyne
Joseph is a colleague of mine and runs a very successful business out of the Gold Coast, Coyne Conditioning.

One of his recent newsletters captured one of my favourite topic in wellness - the importance of breakfast. Enjoy!

Hi All

No doubt we all have a busy silly season coming up. Enter the realm of food, food and (you guessed it) food. Unfortunately for all of us except the marathon runner (who could not put on weight if they tried); more salt, more sugar, more deep fried food equals more body fat. Now we all want to enjoy ourselves so what can we do?

The best idea is to simply make sure you start your day off with a large high protein breakfast. This will ensure more stable blood insulin and sugar levels throughout the day. By controlling insulin and blood sugar levels, we are helping to control our appetite and stopping our body’s going into fat storage mode. Basically this means you will be less likely to be doing multiple relay legs at world record pace between the sausage rolls and the chocolate eclairs come the afternoon BBQ.

Examples of breakfasts for Christmas champions include a vegetable omelet with strawberries; a whey protein smoothie containing flaxseeds, natural almond butter, frozen blueberries and a dash of cinnamon; or smoked salmon with avocado and sliced peppers. Another breakfast that will also do the trick nicely (although slightly lower in protein content) is oats with yoghurt, fresh fruit and silvered almonds. The reason is that oats contain a nice little compound called beta-glucans which help stabilize blood sugar.



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