Sunday, December 14, 2008

If anyone has read the Celestine Prophecy the line "there are no coincides" will ring true. So after just having a coincidence that would otherwise be described as an opportunity I am inspired to blog....

Last night I saw the movie Twilight - teenage love, angst, Vampire movie. It was fun and there should have been nothing more to it, however I left feeling like something had reverberated deeply with me and all last night I could not put my finger on it. I actually felt a little disturbed at the emotion that had been swelling in my gut. This morning on the Precision Nutrition forum I read a post by one of the members about a T-shirt designed for Krista and her training partner Renee - the image above. Danger is dangerous! Adrenalin!

It is dangerous. It is also exciting, fulfilling, and it is the part of life that makes us feel alive. It is that feeling of warmth that rises from the pit of our stomach and rises to our head, standing hairs on end and instantly raising our temperature a few degrees to the point that our hands sweat and faces flush. How incredible is it that we can experience such a huge physical reaction to a thought - a reaction that we could never replicate by exercise.

I really don't believe in coincidences and the timing of these 2 things are making me look at some decisions I am making. It is so easy to accept that safe option; the option that doesn't raise the blood pressure, the option that ensures the mortgage is paid every month, the option of regrets. At 41 I am close to half way through my life, I look at my colleagues, family and friends of the same age and I wonder who is being safe and who is being dangerous? We are told by our parents and teachers when we are young to go to Uni, get a degree, something to fall back on. We are then our counselled to invest in a home, property, set yourself up for the future. What future? What does a Uni degree and 2 investment houses do for our souls? What do we do everyday that sets our adrenalin pumping? We end up releasing cortisol all day every day and then work ourselves into a unhappy and unfulfilling lives because we are too scared of danger.

I know that feeling. Every time I stand by the platform in my knee wraps and squat suit before my first competition squat, that feeling is so strong I almost want to be physically sick. When I walk back from that first successful lift that feeling is amplified and I am on top of the world.

I don't need to own things, I need to do things.



crusty said...

Hi Lisa

I totally relate to your last comment "I don't need to own things, I need to do things." It's taken me nearly 40 years to work that one out, and now I am content to 'do', rather than strive to 'own'. Life is more exciting and adventurous that way.


Lisa said...

Yes it is far more fun collecting experiences than collecting property

Stephanie Davis said...

Awesome post Lisa.
At 23 I can relate, Ive definately chosen safe options eg uni and gotten a mortgage etc but am still waiting to see what else there is to being an adult in the free world.. competing is definately an opportunity to go against the grain and im looking forward to the experience.
I think I might go and see that movie...

witchazel said...

thanx Lisa for a great post since I don't believe in coincidences either and your post was exactly what I needed to read TODAY!

I am having a day of indecision about my goals and life in general and you have helped me think about all the possibilities..

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