Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reflections & looking behind the goals

One of the great things about having a blog is the ability to go back and re read what was happening both in your head and in your life over the past period of time. I see that quite a few people have started to list their objectives for 2009, and like them I have gone back to what I posted 12 months ago about my goals for this year just passed. On paper I did very well, and have ticked off some great success in achieving both my powerlifting life and my health and fitness life. But then that is no surprise really as I am pretty good at achieving and always have been.

You can name it whatever you like but as the classic "high achiever" I have a collection of achievements and experiences that look pretty good all lined up on the shelf, and people often ask me what motivates me to achieve. I am sure it is not an uncommon question and I guess the answer varies for each person like me, and this post is not about what drives us. In fact it is kinda the opposite.

One of the big learning experiences from the past 12 months has been about quality of life. I have learnt from many fitness industry leaders that our food and lifestyles are killing us, and it is impossible to separate the mind from the body. Despite their vehement dismissals of each others methods and theories in both nutrition and training, they all agree on these 2 points. So this year rather than purposely add to my trophy cabinet, I am going to make sure my air is clean, my life is stress free and my family and friends are close.

This year I have a goal that is going to be my most difficult. My goal is to "stop and smell the roses" (although my favourite flowers are tulips).



Shar said...

Great Goal Lisa and so So very importent.
have a safe and healthy Christmeas with those you love.
Shar x

little rene said...

That's really interesting that you have chosen this goal for yourself Lisa as my personal trainer discussed this with me at our last session. She describes me as a "high achiever" which I find embarassing and stressful because I don't see myself as being anything special and I feel like whenever anyone says things like this about me that I am under pressure to not disappoint them. Anyway, her goals for me in 2009 are similar to yours. Interesting. We will see how it goes I guess.
Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

crusty said...

Hi Lisa

Yes...smelling the roses is so important!

Being a high achiever myself, like litte rene, I used to put myself under pressure, because everyone expected me to 'maintain' this label (including myself).

After losing a baby to miscarriage, and now having a young child, my priorities changed. I completely changed my outlook and lifestyle, and now am quite good and keeping life simple and stress-free and always make sure I have time to 'smell the roses' (I love gardening - this is very therapeutic).

What a great decision, and I look forward to hearing about your 'life appreciation moments'.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

P.S. Sorry...I can't stop talking. Always seems to turn into a novel!

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