Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Supplement Holiday

This afternoon we are off to the beach for a week or so holiday. I have no real plans other than reading, swimming, walking on the beach and training. Well of course there is Xmas lunch tomorrow and I guess some form of celebration around New Year and catching up with friends, but it will be very low key and relaxed.

While I am away for 10 days I am also going to take break from my current supplement protocol. Naturally this doesn't include my core supps of fish oil, multi, magnesium and glutamine, but the others will stay at home as I have been on my current protocol for about 6 weeks. When I get home I will assess my new requirements and will be likely to change things up a bit. I rotate my fish oils and mult's regularly to ensure effectiveness and less chance of developing sensitivities using the same product over and over.


Rosso said...

Hiya great blog! You say you have been on your current protocol for 6 weeks now? Can I ask what that involves?

Also you mention you rotate your fish oils and multi vits? But those serve 2 different fundamental purposes right? e.g. Omega 3 from fish oil and trace elements from the vit tablet?

Anyways please do check out my blog, I write on healthy fats and oils primarily. Though would recommend you read it back to front i.e. former postings before the latter ones. That is to get a gist of the action.


Lisa said...

Hi Ross,
I cycle my fish oils and mutli brands; not with each other.

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