Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My clothes shopping has been done, and while I generally dislike shopping I had fun this time. I am just loving the soft and flowing fabrics that seem to be fashionable at present. The great thing is that they will also still fit me when I am back at competition weight in a couple of months.

On the subject of competing I am not planning on getting back into it until much later this year, and my original plan was to wait until Nationals in July. I feel like I am really needing the break as it has been many years since I have been removed from competition pressure, so I am not even sure at this point whether or not I will compete this year. I am really enjoying my training and I am seeing some great gains, and my upper body is really loving the focus as well. I am feeling like I am ready to go back to do some heavier work, and will probably change my program up in the next couple of weeks to accommodate that. I have just started to track my nutrition as I need to look at slowly dropping a kg or so a month so that I am within 2 kgs of my weight category should I suddenly decide I am ready.

I had a funny experience 2 days ago when I entered my weight into Calorie King and I was told my BMI made me over weight! I guess they don't modify their BMI rankings for strength athletes. In fact if I put on 10kgs from now I would be technically obese. Numbers don't really mean anything but it is interesting.

I am hungry - oats I think.

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Raechelle said...

Yeah-that's what I don't like about those BMI rankings...
Enjoy your break from competing-it's a well-deserved break after all your activities last year!

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