Thursday, January 08, 2009

Which pieces of the wellness puzzle are most important?

I am in the process of preparing a presentation to a corporate audience about wellbeing, and I am finding it quite difficult to focus in on exactly what I should be talking about. If I consider my own experiences over the past 10 years or so what are the most important pieces of the puzzle?

The things that I consider important now are based on years of making a daily choices to be well and healthy. In the early years the things I did were sloppy and rather inefficient, so I need to make sure I use this wisdom and assist people in avoiding the same mistakes and move them along faster.

Given that I have a limited amount of time to talk, and that not everyone holds my passion for wellbeing I need to deliver a simple yet practical message. I also need to remember what it was like starting out and being frustrated by all the information out there, so I need to be cautious of over loading people and assuming knowledge......hmm

So I am off to finish my basics/fundamentals presentation. I am pretty sure sleep will be at the top of the list. I know people get really disappointed when they hear that coming from me time and time again, yet it costs nothing and gives you the best quality of life improvement of anything I can do for you. My favourite supplements of fish oil, multi's and magnesium will get in there pretty early too, as well as a Precision Nutrition style eating plan.

I am wondering how I can assist them with motivation? I am experienced enough to know that I can only provide information, people need to want to use that information. Wouldn't it be great if for one moment I could touch their hand and they could feel the energy and strength that flows through my body; surely they would want to feel like that every moment of the day too? I guess this is the greater challenge for me. How do I show people what it feels like to be well?



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa, could you get them to close their eyes and talk them through how it feels having the flu - aching joints, sore back, headaches etc - then talk them through the experiences you have of being well and feeling strong and powerful, so they can contrast the difference between the two. Let them know that by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, supplementing wisely, and using nutrient timing, they are much less likely to feel the first way, and more likely to feel the second way? Just some random thoughts, LOL.

Lisa said...


Sensational Idea - I think I will borrow it from you. Maybe I can parallel it to having a hangover :-)

crusty said...

I think you're doing fine. Sounds like you've thought about how your audience may feel. I think telling them about your journey, from the very start is important (why you made the decision to start on your health journey), so they understand that you, like them, had to start somewhere, and that it may not be as different a place to where they are right now.

Anyway...that's my two-bobs worth. I think you'll do great!

Kerry :)

Splice said...

Just reading this paragraph

"Wouldn't it be great if for one moment I could touch their hand and they could feel the energy and strength that flows through my body; surely they would want to feel like that every moment of the day too?"

it made me feel it!! Perhaps you should say this to them because it is so deep, real and motivating :-)


Tracey said...

Good luck with your presentation Lisa. I did a course at uni last year that delt with all the wellness models and gees with all the information that was provided every little bit made you think about your own life and inspired you in a different way to want to change. I think just like Deb said, include that line in your presentation and it should be motivating enough. Can't wait to hear how you went :D

Lisa said...

Thanks for the thoughts.....I will ask more questions soon.

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