Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No goal is not the same as no plan

Things are quiet right now, and with no particular goals this year I am in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Of course there are things I am planning on doing, but I have no deadlines for lifting, weigh ins, competitions. I am finding myself jumping from one idea to the next as I am free to entertain different training styles, eating plans and other activities in general. I have come to the realisation that although this may be the year of rest and "no goals", that at least some plan will be needed to stop me totally wasting my year.

So today I will work on a "mini plan", not a real BEHAG, set the world on fire plan, but something that will keep me focused and on track for longer term goals and keep me from diving into self inflicted time wasting and boredom!


Kerry said...

I hear ya sister!

Kate said...

Lisa, I can understand the feeling of floundering without a plan or goal to follow. At least you have set a goal of finding one!!

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