Thursday, January 01, 2009

Where does the energy go?

So I have been thinking about dreams, as in goals, and energy. Remember as a kid when you had that B.H.A.G of becoming an astronaut, actress or Olympic champion and the hours you spent planning, dreaming, training and reading about them? Remember all that energy that you put into those dreams and the years that you dedicated that amount of energy? Do you remember that all consuming desire to "set the world on fire"? Do you remember the day that you let it go, or did it fade over time?

Given that we are really just a bunch of molecules and energy, do you think that all that energy that previously burnt so brightly is still hanging around somewhere? Maybe when we let it go it transferred to some one else and formed their dreams; maybe these are the people who made it? Maybe it takes a few people to let go of their dreams to create enough energy for one person to make their dreams come true?

So what do you think happens when we let this energy go? Assuming we are still on the planet, and still generating and consuming that same amount of molecules and energy, do we still shine as bright or do we dim over time? Is it normal to accept a lesser dream simply because we age? Is it age or conformity that dims us?

When I look at our society, a community that is eating itself to death and will soon produce the first generation to die before their parents, I wonder about who we are. I am pretty sure most people (and most people are overweight & obese these days) never dreamt of turning into who they are now. I am pretty sure that their dreams as a 10 yr old weren't to be ".. overworked, overweight, over stressed, and unhappy". Yet, why is this now acceptable, common? When did we let the dreams die, when did we loose all respect for our bodies so that it is now OK to treat it like a toxic waste dump? We tell out kids to "be responsible, get a degree, chase financial goals"...why?, so they can turn into a second generation of dimly lit fatties?

I have 2 teenagers entering their last years of high school, and I am going to tell them the same thing my Mum told me. "You can be whatever you want to be".

For my part, I am going to cast my mind back and find some of that youthful energy that used to dazzle my dreams and make 2009 my best year ever!



Stephanie Davis said...

Great post Lisa. I am a little bit the opposite; I never had much drive/energy growing up but now as I mature and figure what sort of person I want to be- I feel unstoppable! :)

Shar said...

Love this post Lisa!!
I have always been a self doubter so just plodded along and did what I thought I should, until a few years back, when I started to see what the power of believing and dreaming can do, I too am determined to dream big and achive in 2009!!
and for sure, my kids will definately believe they can do what they want to do and be who they wanna be. :) with my full support.

Thanks for posting
Shar x

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