Thursday, May 28, 2009

5th Day of CrossFit this week........WOD

OH Squat 3-3-3

rest, then ...

21-15-9 reps for time of:
60kg (40kg) OH Squat

I am feeling kinda tired this morning - must be a result of the running yesterday. This will be the end of my 4th week at Crossfit, and I am starting to adapt and gain condition each week. So while I am a little fatigued there is not much going in in the way of DOMS. I am finding that after my daily 6am Crossfit "beating"I am riding an exercise induced high each morning till about 11am.

....well no high after training today. Just tired. I was a gumby at OH squats - another new challenge!


Kerry W said...

Hey Lisa. Just wondering...are you on the Zone diet?

Lisa said...

Hi Kerry,

No I am not on any particular diet. After 8 years of dieting and making weight this is a year off for my body. I follow healthy nutrition & supplementation principles but I do not enforce any particular rules.

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