Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WOD - Wednesday, 15/7/2009

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:-
400m Run
12 KB swings 24/16
21 Pushups


LizN said...

Betcha loved that running. Email forthcoming this arvo

Lisa said...

Well I went and bought proper runners so I could make a decent attempt. I pushed a bit harder and overall I did a decent time as I was able to pick up time on the kettle bell swings and push ups.

Another 4 kgs and 4 months should make a big difference. It is just time now.

Kerry W said...

Lisa, how do you go with the push-ups? I'm presuming you'd do quite well with your powerlifting background.

At the moment I could probably only muster 1 round of 21 push-ups, but after that I know hitting '21' would be a tough ask.

How are you finding the training at Crossfit. Do you have specific goals that they help you work towards? I'm sought of wondering, how, if you have individual goals and you're all doing WOD, how by applying it, will meet individual needs.

Just wondering...Kerry

Lisa said...

I break the pushups into 2 attempts after the first round. So do 10 shake out the arms and then finish. You can scale every work out so if you want you could have done 10 push ups each round.

Right now my goals are to gradually bring my strength back up, so each week i get the chance to do that in the strength sessions. I want my conditioning to improve and all the WOD's contribute to that.

Kerry W said...

Thanks Lisa. :-)

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