Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paleo anyone?

The past 6 weeks have been quiet crazy busy for me and while I have maintained a reasonable nutrition and exercise program, I have decided that October will be a wellness month for me. I have resolved and achieved some things in the past month so now I have time to focus on keeping well.

My diet is a large percentage paleo anyway - lots of fruit, vege, nuts & lean meat - however I have let grains and treats creep in. I am not putting any other rules in place other than "October is Paleo month".

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Anonymous said...

Hey I.M.

know exactly what you mean - as much as I HATE missing a session, I don't feel guilty if i miss one or two as i know i can make up for it in the next session. I am so so so sick this morning, as upset as i am for missing the deadlift this morning, I know crossfit training will get me from sick to strength in no time once i'm better. Can't thank you enough for getting me into this group of crossfit crazies! I LOVE IT.

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