Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Truth of deadlifting

Today's WOD is Deadlifting 7 x 3. I haven't deadlifited in a while, and certainly I am in no condition to be pulling heavy. I have been training consistently for the past month, but due to other priorities I have only been to Crossfit on average 3-4 days per week. This is the beauty of Crossfit; I can drop my sessions when needed and still turn up and get an awesome work out and am not behind in any program. I don't feel guilty about not being there, and while I may have not progressed as I may have liked I haven't lost anything.......but deadlifting will be the tell.

Truth is I haven't been doing any heavy work in a while, this month seems to have focused on high rep metabolic conditioning work. So let me go face the cruel mistress.....
edit; back from training and while it took a bit to warm up I did 3 x 105kgs quite easily. Probably could have hit 10kgs more.....odd that I was strong, very odd....must go ask Crossfit Zen master.

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