Monday, January 11, 2010

The humble push up

Since I have been training at a Crossfit gym, I have had the occasion to do the odd push (or 100). I have to say that I have never seen an exercise so universally badly done as the push up, and in the first few months of being at Crossfit I will admit to being included in that group of badly executed push ups. I injured my calf in October and as I was limited to the type and intensity of exercises I decided to focus on technique. At that time I committed that from then on I would only ever do a 100% compliant push up - which is;

  • chest and thighs touch the ground, full lock out on every rep.

This is a tough exercise and since that time I have had to scale my workouts to reduce the number of reps in a WOD. Despite watching many "short" push ups around me in the world I intend to stay committed to the cause of compliant push ups.

3 comments: Lindsey and Web Smith said...


We like your blog! Pushups (the correct way) were a big wake up call for both Lindsey and me. I am just now climbing that steep learning curve. Keep up the great insight!

Lindsey and Web Smith...

Lisa said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so stoked to have your blog on my 'favourites' list. It has been ages since I last read your blog. Anyway, yes, the push up. It makes a huge difference and I am going to join the 'only full push up' camp.

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