Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes it is tough being a Mum.

My beautiful 14 year old daughter has recently been signed up by June Dally Watkins models - which was a great suprise and wonderful moment for us all. They have contacted her about her first shoot with them, and we will be in Vietnam on a famliy holiday and she can't do it. I feel so guilty about the fact that we won't be here. I know this is just the beginning for her, and she will have plenty of opportunity in the near and distant future etc, etc - but when you are a Mum logic doesn't come into it.
Worst yet - I still have to tell her. Oh yuk - I can see the disappointment in those huge brown eyes already!


Splice said...

She looks like a princess! What a beautiful daughter you have.
I would show her off lol.
Im sure she has a great future in front of her.

Lisa said...

Yes Deb, she cetainly is a princess - although a tall one as she 4 inches taller than me already!

Anonymous said...

She is a princess and is taller than her aunty Helen too!

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