Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wow, what a busy week! I spent 3 days at Hayman Island for work, and I can tell you it was really hard work. However it was also very successful and while I am totally fatigued today -it was worth every late night.

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday and we went out for a beautiful dinner. I deviated from my usual food for the fist time in weeks and had a few drinks and some extra food like dips, bruschetta and cheese. It was a great night.

When I returned from Hayman on Friday I took my son to boxing and then I trained afterwards. I deadlifted 105kgs, 3 sets for 5 reps. It was a suprisingly good session given the crazy week I had.

I am totally shattered today and have spent all day lying around - although I did manage to get to the FAR infrared sauna for some recovery therapy. It is 5pm now and I have to admit to feeling much better than a few hours ago. Although I am nto sure how I will pull up tomorrow.

Training plan for this week is

Squat - with suit and wraps 5 reps @ 90/95kgs (suit picture is above)

Bench - with shirt - 5 reps @ 57.5kgs

Deadlift - with suit - 2 reps @ 115/120kgs (last before the comp)


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what is more attractive the shirt or the suit, both would leave very unnatractive tan lines - did you wear either on Hayman ? -GM

Lisa said...

I am not sure about tan lines, but I can tell you that they levae pretty nasty bruising.

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